Internet Proxy Service

This proxy is provided by the IT department and is maintained by the IT department. This is a private service offered by the IT department and it is assumed private access laws apply.

  • For proxy usage policy, please refer to Prof Petrie Meyer ( the head of department.
  • For technical help regarding the proxy, please contact Pietie Traut ( at the IT dept on phone extension 4349.

Proxy Policy

  1. The proxy is only for academic use.
  2. The proxy is only available to computers that have an official IT registered IP address for the E&E department.
  3. The only ports available are 80, 443 and 22. This allows http, https and ssh traffic only and therefore the proxy is strictly for web access only. To access other web services using Skype etc.. please use your campus inetkey.

Application and Browser Setup

  • Internet browsers can be setup using this proxy pac file:
  • For applications that need specific proxy parameters, you can use:

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